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A busy highway at night. You can see the rear lights of dozens of cars. Text overlaid reads " #Drive January and Check your tyres once a month EVERY MONTH. A lifetime resolution for safer roads"

TyreSafe’s #DriveJanuary campaign encourages ‘lifelong tyre safety’

by Emily Maguire

TyreSafe, the advocate for tyre safety, is seeking to transform the typical New Year’s resolution with the launch of its #DriveJanuary campaign.

Unlike fleeting fitness goals or financial ambitions, TyreSafe is urging drivers to make a resolution that truly matters – committing to lifelong tyre safety with the #DriveJanuary challenge – a play on the health and wellbeing #DryJanuary movement.

The primary goal of #DriveJanuary is to instil a lifelong habit of checking tyres every month. By framing tyre safety as a monthly routine, TyreSafe aspires to contribute to a safer road environment and create lasting behavioural change among drivers.

This comes off the back of the TyreSafe 2023 Tread Depth Survey, which shows that almost half of UK cars have low or illegal tread.

TyreSafe will use #DriveJanuary as the campaign’s central hashtag across social media platforms.

TyreSafe points to the the Forbes Health/One Poll survey, which suggests the average resolution lasts just 3.74 months. Only 8% of respondents tend to stick with their goals for one month, while 22% last two months, 22% last three months and 13% last four months.

TyreSafe is looking to instil behaviour change that lasts a lifetime by urging motorists to A.C.T – once a month, every month:

Air pressure – Typically, car manufacturers recommend two different tyre pressures, one for light loads and another for when the vehicle is fully loaded. It’s essential that drivers adjust the pressures to accommodate the load they are carrying.

Condition – with a visual check, looking at the overall condition of each tyre to see if anything might have penetrated the tread, such as nails or other objects.

Tread – drivers should check the tread of their tyres to ensure they are above the UK legal tread depth minimum of 1.6mm.

Stuart Lovatt, TyreSafe Chair said: “As we embark on a new year, TyreSafe encourages drivers to make a resolution that extends far beyond personal goals—a commitment to tyre safety.

“The #DriveJanuary campaign emphasises the lasting impact of a simple routine that ensures the safety of not only the driver but everyone on the road. It’s a resolution that transcends fleeting aspirations, contributing to a safer driving environment and saving lives.

“By checking your tyres once a month every month, you make a commitment that truly lasts a lifetime.”

Find out how to check your tyre pressure and tread at www.tyresafe.org