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Transforming Adult Social Care

by Cathy Sheel

Knowsley Council’s Cabinet approved Knowsley’s latest Adult Social Care Transformation Plan 2024-2027 at its meeting this week.

The refreshed plan, which aims to further transform adult social care services in Knowsley, builds on the successes of the last three years. It responds to local residents’ needs, addresses evolving challenges and aligns with local and national priorities.

The plan continues to focus on early intervention and prevention and asset-based models of care, while exploring the new opportunities which have arisen following the pandemic.

The vision set out in the plan aims to support people to live independently as much as possible, while providing high quality personalised care where needed. Six key priorities and actions have been identified in order to achieve this vision.

These are:

  •  Person-centred care, ensuring safe and quality services, market sustainability, digital and technology enabled care, supporting carers, and building a strong workforce.
  • Focus on early intervention and prevention: Proactive measures to maintain well-being and delay the need for formal care.
  • Asset-based and personalised care: Empowering individuals to control their care choices and utilise local resources and support networks.
  • Strengthening the care market: Encouraging a diverse and sustainable market that meets the needs of residents.
  • Investing in technology: Utilising digital tools to enhance care delivery and independence.
  • Supporting carers: Recognising the vital role of carers and providing them with the necessary support and services.
  • Growing a skilled workforce: Attracting and retaining qualified professionals to deliver high-quality care.

Cllr Del Arnall, Knowsley’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care said: “This plan is about putting residents at the heart of everything we do. By prioritising individual needs, investing in technology, and fostering collaboration, we are working towards a future where everyone can live independently and with dignity.”

The plan has been developed in collaboration with residents, care providers, and community organisations through extensive consultation and engagement. An “easy read” version of the plan is also available.

The Council is committed to monitoring progress and continuously adapting the plan to meet the changing needs of the community. Regular updates and opportunities for further engagement will be provided throughout the implementation phase.

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