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Scrutiny Public Consultation – Have Your Say

by Guy Murphy

Knowsley residents are being asked to have their say on local services or issues they feel require closer examination.

A public consultation has opened for members of the public to suggest areas of investigation by one of the Council’s Scrutiny Committees.

It could be something that you think isn’t working well and could be improved, or something that is working well but could benefit from closer scrutiny to identify improvements.

What is a scrutiny review?

The Council runs five Scrutiny Committees:

Each Scrutiny Committee aims to support and improve decision making processes around key topics, which have been identified via consultation with staff, residents, businesses, and partners. The ultimate aim is to improve service delivery (where appropriate) and ensure systems and processes are running as effectively as they can be.

Following the public consultation, all suggested topics will be presented to Scrutiny Committee Members in June 2022 where they will decide which topics to take forward into their work programme for Municipal Year, 2022/23.

You can find out more about the Scrutiny Public Consultation on the Knowsley Council website.

I have a suggestion I’d like to submit – how do I do that?

Think about topics that scrutiny could look at that would help to make services better for local people. For example, last year scrutiny looked at Hardship, changes to Acute Stroke Services, Knowsley’s Housing Strategy, Gambling Policy and Children’s Social Care.

If you have a suggestion to put forward, please email scrutiny@knowsley.gov.uk Friday 20 May 2022.