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Preventing damp and mould in the home

by Cathy Sheel

Knowsley Council’s Environmental Health team have come up with some top tips to help householders prevent mould and damp in their homes.

The team has received an increasing number of calls from residents reporting these issues in their homes and asking for advice about keeping their homes mould and damp free.

As a result, an animated video called ‘Mouldy Matters’ has been produced explaining some of the causes of damp and mould and offering some simple advice.

The video explains that mould can be caused by a build-up of different types of damp, as well as condensation. It outlines the causes of condensation which happens when extra moisture in the air makes contact with a cold surface like a window or a cold wall. It can lead to mould growth and tends to be worse in winter as surfaces are colder.

The animated video highlights how to prevent condensation and create a mould-free home. The key ways to prevent condensation are:


Everyday activities like cooking, showering and drying clothes on radiators create moisture in the home which can lead to problems. It can help if you:

  • cover pans when cooking
  • use extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms, and/or open windows when cooking or showering
  • close internal doors when you cook or shower
  • leave a gap between furniture and external walls
  • dry clothes outdoors
  • open bedroom windows for 5 to 10 minutes when you get up


  • Try to keep your home properly heated. It usually helps to have a low background temperature of at least 15 degrees in all rooms.  If room surfaces are cold, there is more chance of mould growth.  Some residents may find the Warm Homes Scheme helpful:  Warm homes scheme Knowsley – Knowsley News


    • preventing heat loss by installing insultation measures such as loft or cavity wall insulation

A Knowsley Council spokesperson said: “The rising cost of energy means that many families are turning down the heating in their homes and keeping windows closed – two of the main causes of damp and mould. This has resulted in an increasing number of calls to the council’s Environmental Health team. We hope this video will help explain the simple things people can do to stop the build up of condensation and damp and prevent mould.”

For further information visit: https://www.knowsley.gov.uk/residents/environmental-health/housing-disrepair

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