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Knowsley ranked ninth for energy-efficient homes

by Cathy Sheel

Research by comparison and switching website U-Switch has identified Knowsley as being in the top 10 performing areas (out of 331) for energy-efficient homes.

U-Switch has undertaken the review of properties with Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) which showed Knowsley had 46,339 properties and a median score of 70, ranking the area ninth across the country.

Knowsley’s housing stock’s high energy efficiency ratings have been achieved through a combination of more energy efficient housing being constructed through the Council’s ambitious house building programme and also investment into the existing housing stock.

Since 2015, over 5000 new build homes have been constructed across the borough.  New-build homes are much more likely to have a higher EPC rating due to good insulation, and some even have solar panels and heat pumps pre-installed.

There has also been investment in the existing housing stock to improve energy efficiency ratings.  This includes investment by housing associations who have and continue to undertake investment programmes in their homes to improve their energy efficiency ratings.

Homeowners have also invested in their homes to make them more energy efficient.  Many homeowners have also been able to access a range of schemes such as the Energy Company Obligation to support them to make their homes more energy efficient through the installation of measures such as new heating systems and insulation.