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NHS launch Stigma Kills campaign


by Laura Johnston

NHS Addictions Provider Alliance – a group of NHS providers working together and pooling resources to support people with addiction – has launched a “Stigma Kills” campaign which aims to address the stigma associated with those with addiction.

Further information about the Stigma Kills campaign can be found here.

Everyone knows someone who has experienced addiction at some point in their lives, from alcohol or drugs misuse to gambling or gaming addiction.

​The campaign aims to highlight the damaging effects of stigmatising language and attitudes to those who experience addiction.

It asks for all of us to look beyond the addiction and to see the person behind it and hear their story.

It also aims to break down the myths and misconceptions around addiction demonstrating it is both a mental and physical health condition and not a person’s choice.

Stigma is created through our perceptions, words and actions. Stigmatising beliefs and attitudes have a devastating effect on a person’s ability to seek help and support.

They create stereotypes, judgements and biases, stopping us from seeing the human being behind the illness. Stigma creates walls, loneliness and poor health, and ultimately stigma kills.

Cllr Christine Bannon, Cabinet Member for Health, said

“We all know someone who has experienced addiction.  We are also likely to all know someone who has felt stigmatised because of their addiction or the addiction of someone close to them. The easiest way to help prevent stigma is to think about your words and actions and encourage them to access help.”

Stop using words that hurt and isolate people.

Start thinking about why someone might be ill.

Ask if they need help or support.

A range of services are available for issues related to addiction in Knowsley. Local support services for Mental Health, Drug, Alcohol and Gambling recovery are highlighted below:-

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