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Knowsley supports Dog Awareness Week

by Jonathan Kearney

Knowsley residents are being encouraged to be alert, aware and safe around dogs as part of Royal Mail’s Dog Awareness Week.

Knowsley Council has teamed up with Royal Mail and Dog’s Trust to support the campaign, which runs from Monday 3 July to Sunday 9 July.

Workshops will be taking place in schools in Knowsley during the week to help raise awareness of safety around dogs.

The rate of dog bites and attacks in the UK is increasing each year, with fatalities due to dog bites in the North West more than twice the national average.

Knowsley is now in the top 5% for frequency of dog bites in England.

Statistics show 80% of dog bites happen in a household, with children the victim of the attacks 91% of the time.

The Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG) has useful resources available for dog owners with children  and newborn babies.

As part of the Dog Safety Code they encourage dog owners with children to follow some simple advice to keep children safe around dogs:

Be Alert – Always keep an eye on your children around dogs. Never leave them alone together.

Be Aware – Dogs use signals to tell us how they feel. What is your dog telling you?

Be Safe – Any dog can bite. Accidents happen fast.

Cllr Margaret Harvey, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said: “The statistics show us that children are most likely to be bitten at home by a dog they know. It is vital then that children – especially younger children – and dogs are kept under close supervision and that children know and understand the risks around dogs from an early age. A lot of dog bites can be avoided by responsible dog ownership so I would urge people to take advantage of the fantastic online resources available and speak to trained specialists if they are still uncertain. Taking these measures could be so important for the safety of your child.”

Dogs Trust is providing subsidised dog behaviour training for Knowsley residents from low income households and/or in receipt of certain benefits. The training will take place for owners and their dogs in community centres around Knowsley. You can find more information about the training here.

Dogs Trust will also be in attendance at the Council’s Environmental Health team’s action day at Northwood Community Centre in Kirkby on Wednesday 5 July to provide information and advice to dog owners.

Fun and informative dog safety workshops will also be taking place in all Knowsley Libraries across the borough between Thursday 27 July and Sunday 30 August. More details will be shared about how to book a place on one of these sessions on Knowsley News and the Council’s social media channels.