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Knowsley Start for Life website launches

by Guy Murphy

A new partnership initiative to support families to ensure that children get the best possible start for life has launched its website.

To support parents and families, Knowsley Council and partners have adapted a series of programmes to create a Start for Life offer. This will provide parents and expectant parents with all the skills, tips and advice needed to help them throughout pregnancy, after birth and right through their child’s life. A period which is both critical in a child’s development and a time of significant change in a parent’s life.

Throughout 2024, the Knowsley Start for Life Offer will be bringing new FREE programmes for all families across Knowsley. These fantastic family sessions and fun days will be designed to help increase engagement, enthusiasm, and enjoyment in learning. Parents will also be able to access tips and tricks to help them navigate their changing family environment.

For expectant parents, there will be programmes and sessions to help prepare them for their baby’s arrival and provide them with the tools to navigate these new and exciting times. This includes explaining the stresses and strains of pregnancy, labour and providing support and advice on infant feeding and safe sleeping.

A full timetable is available on the website: https://knowsleyearlyyears.co.uk/knowsley-start-for-life/

The Knowsley Start for Life Offer follows on from the launch of the borough’s first Family Hub back in September. The Pride – Family Hub is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm offering numerous opportunities for families to engage with multiple staff and partners to ensure the Knowsley Best Start to Life is adapted throughout the Northwood community.

The Knowsley Start for Life Partnership is made up of representatives from Knowsley Council, NHS and the local voluntary sector. The offer is funded by the Department of Education.