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Knowsley sees significant reduction in ASB

by Jonathan Kearney

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Knowsley has reduced significantly over a 12-month period.

There was a 23% reduction in ASB in Knowsley during the financial year 2022/23 compared to the same period the previous year.

This amounted to 471 fewer reported incidents of ASB in this period.

The reduction in levels of ASB in Knowsley has been supported by an early intervention and prevention approach and increased partnership working within the borough, between key community partners including Knowsley Council and Merseyside Police.

The findings were presented to the Council’s Stronger Communities Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday 26 September by the Knowsley Community Safety Partnership.

Other key findings

In line with the national trend and as a consequence of the current cost-of-living crisis, Knowsley has seen an increase in acquisitive crimes, particularly shoplifting and theft.

Also in line with the national trend, the borough has seen an increase in reports of domestic abuse. This is in part due to a growing awareness of the different types of domestic abuse and an increased willingness for people to report it.

Reported incidents of hate crime in Knowsley have also increased during the financial year 2022/23. The findings indicate people feel increasingly confident to report incidents of hate crime and less tolerant of abuse that they might face in their day-to-day lives.

Tackling serious and organised crime remains at the forefront of the local approach to Policing in Knowsley, with initiatives such as Evolve/Clear Hold Build providing additional resources to tackle the issue in specific areas of the borough.

Home Office Funding

Addressing the Scruinty Committee, Knowsley’s Community Safety Partnership stressed the importance of additional funding to continue to tackle crime and disorder and improve community safety in Knowsley.

The Partnership highlighted ongoing improvements and the ability to tackle issues in areas such as Primrose Court in Huyton as a direct result of Safer Streets funding from the Home Office via the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner.