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Keeping our roads safe for everyone

by Guy Murphy

The Council’s civil parking enforcement officers patrol the borough, 7 days a week, to ensure that roads, pavements and car parks are accessible and safe for drivers and pedestrians.

Unfortunately, the Council has been made of aware of assaults and abuse to civil parking enforcement officers, which have been shared with the police.

Such behaviour cannot be tolerated.

The Council has invested in an extensive CCTV network across the borough which is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week and CCTV operators also have direct access to Merseyside Police.

A range of penalties can be imposed on those found to threaten, abuse or assault civil parking enforcement officers including paying compensation or prosecution (depending on the charge).

Reports have been received of vehicles being parked on double yellow lines, on main roads, causing obstructions and blockages as well as risking lives.

As well as putting other road users and pedestrians in danger, this could delay emergency vehicles reaching their destination and cause delays to public transport services.

The work of the civil parking enforcement officers is promoting safety across the borough, preventing accidents from happening and ensuring that roads are accessible to everyone.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to park in authorised parking spaces across the borough.

The borough has over 2,100 free parking spaces in 18 car parks which should be used.