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Have you considered T Levels?

by Lisa Bennett

T Levels seek to widen the opportunities available to post-16 year olds by putting technical and academic qualifications on an equal footing.

They offer an alternative to A Levels and other post-16 courses or an apprenticeship.

T Levels are a 2 year qualification designed to give you a head start towards the career you want.

They have been designed with leading businesses and employers to give you the knowledge and skills you need.

You’ll spend 80% of your time in the classroom and 20% on a 45-day placement with an employer to give you the skills and knowledge companies look for.

Your industry placement gives you the chance to learn what a real career is like while you continue your studies. When and how you complete it depends on the T Level, school or college, and employer.

Like A levels, there are no tuition fees to study a T Level if you start before you are 19.

Your T Level will be worth UCAS points (a T Level Distinction* is worth the same as 3 A levels at A*) and will be recognised by universities and other education providers so you can choose to continue studying if you wish.

You can find out where T Levels are currently being delivered here, but this will be updated as more education establishments offer this option.

Locally, there are a number of T Level providers including:-

  • All Saints Catholic High School in Kirkby – offers Health; Management and Administration
  • St Helens and Knowsley Community College – offers Building Services Engineering for Construction; Digital Production, Design and Development; Digital Support Services; Education and Early Years; Health; Management and Administration.
  • Carmel College – offers Healthcare Science and Management and Administration
  • Riverside College – offers Design and Development for Engineering and Manufacturing; Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction; Education and Early Years; Engineering, Manufacturing, Processing and Control; Health; Management and Administration
  • The City of Liverpool College – offers Digital Production, Design and Development; Digital Support Services

You can find out more about T Levels here.