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“Pick up the phone – you will feel like a weight has been lifted”

by Cathy Sheel

These are the words of a woman who sought help for a drinking issue that quickly escalated into dependency.

There are a variety of reasons why someone may turn to drink or drugs, but it’s important to know that help and support is available.

Change Grow Live offer tailored support to help you to manage your situation.

We caught up with a resident who is being supported by Change Grow Live (CGL) to find out about their situation, the support they received and the impact it has had on their life.

What made you turn to drink?

“I started to drink at home alone following the breakdown of a relationship. The drinking levels increased, resulting in me losing my job and I became more isolated. The alcohol use became a daily habit which eventually led to me being dependent.”

What made you realise that you needed help?

“My health was deteriorating and the relationship with my estranged children completely broke down.

“The fear of never having a relationship with my children prompted me to seek help.”

How did you know where to go for help?

“I did an online search with listed the details of my nearest project being delivered through Change Grow Live.”

What support did you receive?

 “I was allocated a dedicated alcohol worker who oversaw my recovery plan. This included a full detox programme and after care support. I received support through one-to-one sessions as well as group sessions with people in a similar situation to myself.”

What benefit has seeking support had?

 “I remain alcohol-free and I’ve seen huge improvements to both my physical and emotional health.

“My relationship with my children has improved and I’m regaining their trust. That is my focus now – to rebuild that relationship.”

What advice would you give to others?

“Asking for help can feel overwhelming and shameful, but without the support of professionals and peers, I would still be drinking.

“Just pick up the phone – you will feel like a weight has been lifted.”

Need help and support?

 You are not alone and help and support is available – call CGL today on 0151 482 6291 or email knowsley.info@cgl.org.uk to discuss your concerns and the support available to you.