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‘Good’ Ofsted for Kirkby C of E Primary

by Gemma Melling

Kirkby Church of England Primary School has recently been judged to be “Good” by Ofsted, with Early Years provision judged to be “Outstanding”.

The inspection, carried out on 28 and 29 March 2023, assessed the quality of education (Good), behaviour and attitudes (Good), personal development (Good), leadership and management (Good) and Early Years provision (Outstanding).

Inspectors noted:-

  • The school is a welcoming and happy school.
  • Leaders are determined for every pupil to succeed, including those with special educational needs and / or disabilities (SEND).
  • Parents and carers value the nurture and support that their children receive from the staff.
  • Pupils try their best in lessons and achieve well.
  • Children in the Early Years are exceptionally well prepared for the demands of Key Stage 1.
  • Pupils enjoy the broad range of opportunities that leaders provide for them to engage with their local community.
  • Staff are trained well to deliver the phonics programme with expertise and confidence and they quickly identify pupils who are falling provide and provide effective support to help them to catch up.
  • Leaders have developed an ambitious curriculum. Appropriate systems are in place to identify the additional needs of pupils with SEND and staff adapt their delivery of the curriculum to ensure that pupils with SEND learn as well as their peers.
  • Leaders are clear about the knowledge that they want pupils to learn in each subject.
  • Governors understand their roles and they are equipped to offer challenge and support to leaders.
  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

Cllr Margaret Harvey, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said “I was delighted to read Kirkby Church of England’s positive Ofsted report which highlighted the great work being undertaken by the leadership at the school, teachers, Governors and pupils.

“The Early Years provision at the school was judged to be outstanding, with pupils benefiting from a well-designed curriculum, high quality interactions with staff resulting in children becoming quickly confident, inquisitive, successful learners and exceptionally well prepared to move into Key Stage 1.

“Staff also feel supported by leaders and they are proud to be part of the school community.

“This is a great report and the school should be, quite rightly, incredibly proud of – well done.”