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Steph and her adopted daughter

Could you make dreams come true in 2024?

Giving a child a forever home will make it happen

by Laura Johnston

A single mum is encouraging people to become parents as part of a new adoption campaign.

Steph, adopted her daughter after putting into action her dream of becoming a mum by picking up the phone and making a call to Adoption in Merseyside (AiM).

Steph said:

“I always wanted to be a mum but I always thought you had to be in a relationship or married to adopt, yet after going to an information session I found out that wasn’t the case.”

AiM wants to dispel more of the myths about those who can adopt a child. It supports people through the adoption process regardless of their marital status, gender, religion, race, ethnicity or sexuality.

It comes as the agency has revealed there are currently 55 children across Merseyside currently waiting to be adopted.

And as latest data shows 18% of families approved to adopt in Merseyside in 2022-23 were single applicants, the highest rate of single applicant approvals in the agency’s five years.

If you can provide love, time and commitment and create a loving, caring home then the chances are you can adopt.

Steph added:

 “I did wonder whether I could cope with the challenges of single-parenthood while working, however, I have lots of support from friends and family, so I know I’ve got extra help if I need it.”

Knowsley Council Cabinet Member for Children, Cllr Harvey said:

“We welcome people from all backgrounds, races, and religions who might be thinking about adopting to contact us. Our aim is to find loving home for children, where they can become part of caring family and feel safe and secure to support their healing journey. People going through the process will be supported by our team on how to parent an adopted child through training sessions and therapeutic parenting techniques.”

Head of Service for AiM, Kath Dresher, added:

“Adoption has changed a lot over the years and AiM has become more flexible to encourage more people to adopt a child.


“We look at each application on a case-by-case basis and we aren’t expecting perfect people, because nobody is perfect.”

Adoption in Merseyside has found families for over 380 children in the past 5 years.

Want to find out more?

Register for one of AiM’s online information events on Saturday 27 January at 10.30am or Tuesday 6 February at 6pm where you’ll be able to find out more about adoption from the friendly team. You will also hear from an adopter who will share their story and answer any of your questions.

If you feel like you could provide a loving home, visit www.adoptioninmerseyside.co.uk and request an information pack.