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For the record

Update on Gellings Riding School

by Gemma Melling

Knowsley Council is aware of community concerns about a proposal by a private landowner in the Borough to sell a parcel of land, known locally as “Hugo Fields”.  The site comprises 28.3 hectares of open green space and the Gellings Riding School (which covers 2.8 hectares), and is in the Borough’s Prescot North Ward.

Gellings Riding School has commenced a campaign aimed at preventing the sale of the land so that the area can be retained for both the wider community and also equestrian use.

Knowsley Council does not own the land in question and was not aware of the landowner’s intention to sell the land.  The Council has not had any engagement with the landowner over these proposals.

The majority of the land is within the green belt (as set out in Knowsley’s Local Plan) and the Council has no plans to review the Local Plan or remove this area of land from the green belt.

The Council recognises that the Gellings Riding School is an important community asset which is at risk of being lost and is supporting the Riding School’s application for funding from the Government’s Community Empowerment Fund which would enable the Riding School to acquire the site and continue to run the facility for the benefit of the local community.