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Are you, or someone you know, using alcohol or drugs to cope with everyday life?

by Cathy Sheel

The challenges and pressures people are facing are huge, which have been brought about by the pandemic followed by the cost of living crisis to name just two.

You may think using alcohol or taking drugs are helping you to manage your mental health, to relax or to cope with particular stresses or situations,  but their continued use won’t help and will only result in your issues getting worse rather than getting better.  You also don’t have to be drinking or taking drugs every day for it to be an issue.

You can take control now and get help and support to get you back on track.

Do I have a problem?

Take the alcohol quiz to understand your drinking and what to do next.

Take the drugs quiz to understand your drugs use and what to do next.

There’s lots of steps you can take to cut down on your alcohol intake – set yourself a limit, have alcohol-free days and drink non-alcoholic drinks in between alcoholic ones. Change Grow Live in Knowsley can help you reduce the amount you or your loved one drink in a safe and realistic way: Find out more here.

There’s also advice on reducing or stopping your drugs use – gradual reduction will help you to quit, but also identify what your trigger is for drugs use to then plan how you can address it. Find out more here.

Do I need help?

Change Grow Live  offers residents a range of help and support tailored to your specific needs. If you have concerns about a family member, friend or a loved one you can also call for some confidential advice on how you can support your loved one to access support.

You can call the team on 0151 482 6291 or email knowsley.info@cgl.org.uk

You can speak to an experience practitioner using the Web Chat facility.

You can refer yourself to get help and support at CGL by completing an online form here.

You can visit the website at www.changegrowlive.org for a range of help and support.

There’s also a chat facility if you’re under 21 or if you’re the parent of someone who is under 21.

Does someone you know need help?

If someone you care about is struggling with alcohol or drugs, Change Grow Live can talk to you about ways you can help them and discuss the support options available.

You can start an online chat here to speak to a practitioner or Change Grow Live’s website has a range of information and advice about how you can talk to someone about their drinking or drugs use and also specific advice if you are concerned about a teenager’s drinking or drug use.