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Young people to lead Knowsley Children and Families Board meeting

by Sandra Issar

Young people in Knowsley will take over the December meeting of Knowsley’s Children and Families Board and it will be streamed live on Tuesday 1 December at 5.30pm.

Members from several children and young people’s groups will discuss the key issues affecting young people in Knowsley and set out the support required from the board to bring about changes to the lives of children and young people across the borough.

Inclusive education

Young people from Knowsley’s Youth Cabinet and Vibe will ask members of the board to back their call for Inclusive Education in Knowsley’s schools. They want annual ‘Drop Down’ days where young people in every year group would learn about black history, tackling racism, LGBTQIA+ History and Education, Disability awareness, hate crime, tackling stereotypes and other inclusive education topics.

The young people propose working with schools and their student councils to create a directory of organisations and facilitators who could deliver the sessions on inclusivity.

Abi Kirby, who will Chair Tuesday’s meeting, said:

Inclusive education will make a massive difference to young people in Knowsley. It can make young people from marginalised groups feel visible, supported and accepted, increase aspirations, celebrate and encourage diversity, improve mental health, tackle hate crime and create a safer Knowsley. Knowsley is not the most diverse and we need to implement this education to make sure everyone feels welcome and accepted, creating a safe space for all young people to grow and flourish.”

Independence skills for children looked after and care leavers

Members from both MADE, Knowsley’s Child in Care Council, and Knowsley’s Care Leavers Forum will ask the board to work with local businesses to develop some sessions on essential work life skills including team working, problem solving and confidence building.

The young people would like successful completion of these sessions to lead to a locally recognised certificate that could assist their transition into employment.

These young people will also ask the board to bring together the right people and the right support to help them develop some very practical skills to better prepare them for independence including managing bills, learning how to change a plug fuse, decorate a room and cook homemade food.

Cllr Margaret Harvey, Knowsley Council Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said:

I’m delighted to hand over chairing the next meeting of the Children and Families Board to our young people and I can’t wait to hear more about the issues they would like us to focus on in the coming weeks and months. It certainly promises to be one of our livelier board meetings!”

Knowsley’s Children and Families Board will also receive a report from Knowsley NHS Clinical Commissioning Group with an update on Children and Young Persons Mental Health Provision Review

All the papers for the meeting can be found on the council’s website.