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Young people encouraged to spread the facts, not the virus

by Jonathan Kearney

With the rising rates of COVID cases in Knowsley, particularly with residents aged 17-24 years, young people are being urged to spread the facts, not the virus.

Research shows that young people want facts and clarity on how to do their bit. However, lack of visibility of messages and misinformation about the virus has resulted in younger people being confused and unsure what they should and can do to fight the virus.

COVID is easily transmitted from person to person so limiting contact with others is vital.

The rising rates amongst this age group may be due to socialising over the festivities, but it’s really important that everyone follows the lockdown advice and stays at home. Other age groups, as well as 17-24 year olds, will be affected by COVID as the virus moves through households.

Young people have helped to develop the ‘Spread the facts’ campaign, along with the NHS and local councils in Cheshire and Merseyside, which features young people working in the health care community. NHS workers, including young doctors, nurses and support workers, share their experiences of working throughout the pandemic.

Cllr Sean Donnelly, Knowsley Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said: “With our rising rates in 17-24 year olds, it’s really important that our young people ‘Spread the facts’ and help us to reduce the prevalence of COVID-19 here in Knowsley. I know it’s been really hard for our young people and their work, education and social life has been affected, but we all just need to stay at home whilst we are rolling out the COVID vaccine which will offer the greatest protection against this virus.”

Dr Oliver Dray, 26, Doctor, Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“Please believe in this campaign. We’re all very fed up of coronavirus but there are still short term sacrifices we all need to still make to come through this pandemic. My colleagues and I have a difficult winter ahead, and we’d greatly appreciate your support.

“Despite younger people being at a slightly lower risk, there is still a risk, and they are still vulnerable to this horrible infection. My fit and well 27 year old friend was very severely infected by COVID-19 during the first wave, he required intensive care admission. And although is on the mend he is still suffering the adverse effects of the infection.

“It doesn’t discriminate, and it can affect multiple different people, completely fit in well to those that are the most vulnerable.

Find out more from the campaign website: www.spreadthefacts.co.uk