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Wraparound childcare survey

by Cathy Sheel

Working parents are being invited to take part in a survey to help identify the current and future demand for wraparound childcare in Knowsley.

Wraparound childcare is childcare that ‘wraps around’ the conventional school day and enables parents to access employment and training.  By 2026, it is hoped that all parents and carers of primary school-aged children who need it will be able to access term time childcare in their local area from 8am-6pm.

The new national wraparound childcare ‘pathfinder’ scheme is supporting local authorities to work with primary schools and private providers to set up and deliver wraparound childcare before and after school.

As part of the council’s Childcare Sufficiency Assessment, Knowsley Childcare Information Service is gathering information from parents regarding their requirements for the use of wraparound childcare provision.  This will help ensure adequate provision to meet the needs of the families in Knowsley.

Please complete the survey. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 13 March.

Parents completing the survey can add their contact details and be entered into a draw to win a £50 High Street voucher.