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Get your business ‘Working Well’

by Laura Johnston

A successful programme that offers health and wellbeing support to employees is being promoted with a new video showing the benefits it has brought to businesses.

Working Well is a public health initiative delivered by Knowsley Council and Knowsley Chamber. When local businesses participate, employees will be able to access a broad range of support and services to improve their health and wellbeing. This includes access to a stop smoking service, access to Activity for Life (tailored programmes to meet specific health and wellbeing issues), a corporate gym membership and help with setting up a tax-free cycle purchase scheme. There are also opportunities for discounted fitness memberships, exercise classes, counselling, physiotherapy and community lifestyle services.

A promotional video has been created to encourage businesses to get involved with Working Well which features local employees benefitting from Working Well, explaining the positive effects the programme has had on their lives. Employees describe the health benefits and weight loss they have experienced thanks to the programme. One employee explains how being active in the programme has given her the confidence to go on to try other activities that she normally would not have tried, had it not been for Working Well.

Employers also discuss the schemes that have been implemented in their business and the success it has had. John Davey, the Managing Director at Davey’s Chemist said that the cycle scheme that was introduced for chemist staff has also generated interest from customers too. In addition, Paul McFadden, an Environmental Scientist and Geotechnical Engineer from CC Geotechnical LTD said the programme has reduced the number of days staff have taken off due to ill health and mentions that the staff are generally ‘in better spirits in work’.

As well as encouraging staff to keep active, Working Well aims to encourage employees to watch their diet choices. The programme has brought the development of Q gardens which is an allotment based at the QVC site where staff can get involved with growing produce, unwind and relax, and learn about growing organic food. At Entrade, employees have fruit delivered to them which as Peter Eaton, UK Operations Manager for Entrade mentions, is a great alternative to other easily reached food such as fast food.

Over 500 Knowsley businesses have signed up to Working Well, providing staff with a healthier working environment and encouraging staff to make healthier choice. Would you like to be one of them?

If you would like to find out more about Working Well and see how the programme can benefit your business and staff, call Jan Tattersall on 0151 443 2857 or email jan.tattersall@knowsley.gov.uk