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Winter Wellness Grants bring warmth to communities

by Cathy Sheel

The tough winter months ahead will be a little easier for communities in Knowsley – thanks to the council’s Winter Wellness Grants Programme.

Knowsley’s Cabinet has approved support for 41 community groups and voluntary organisations across the borough who will receive grants of up to £6,000 from the £240,000 programme – funded from the Council’s Public Health budget and the 2023/24 Hardship Fund.

Winter Wellness Grants will enable community and voluntary sector organisations to help people to keep warm through the winter by addressing fuel poverty and the cost of living, as well as addressing social isolation and loneliness.

Groups offering a range of support to communities, such as lunch and social clubs, providing blankets, clothes or warm spaces to residents and outreach to communities, were invited to apply for a share of the fund.

Supporting people during the winter months is important, particularly those who are most at risk from cold conditions, such as older people, children, those with long term conditions, such as respiratory disease, and especially those on lower incomes and those not living in energy efficient housing.

The programme aims to reduce excess deaths during the winter when conditions are made worse due to exposures to the cold.

All decisions are subject to being called-in. Read the full report.