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Gloved hands trying to keep warm by holding a hot drink

Free Winter Warmth events

by Gemma Melling

If you are over 65, you can attend the FREE Winter Warmth events funded by Public Health, being held at numerous local community centres across Knowsley.

At the events, you will be able to socialise with others around your age, enjoy warm and healthy food, learn about how to save on energy and keep warm during the cold winter months, and see what is going on in your local area.

Please get in touch with your local community centre if you, or anyone you know, is interested in attending an event to find out upcoming dates and times.


Swanside Community Centre, Willoughby Road, L14 6XA. Contact Jan Owens on 0151 489 2370

Hillywood, Hillside Neighbourhood Centre, Hillside Avenue, L36 8DS. Contact Berna Thompson on 0151 449 3688.


Northwood Community Centre, Gilescroft Avenue, Northwood, L33 9TW. Contact Jacqueline Deboe on 07488759343 or 07808077646.

Southdene Community Centre, Broad Lane, Southdene, L32 9PQ. Contact Harry Bell or Marie Stuart 0151 289 0419.

Stockbridge Village

Stockbridge Village Resource Centre, Roughsedge Hey (Spruce Grove), L28 1NW. Contact Annie McLean on 07872807955.


Prescot Guild Hall, 57 St Helens Rd, L34 6HW. Contact Jim Inglesby on 07828240324.

Bryer Road Community Centre, Bryer Road, L35 5DW. Contact Leanne Mallinson on 07840172440.


George Howard Centre, Lickers Lane, L35 3SR. Contact Sandra Mayers on 0151 430 7200.