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Young people with Knowsley Youth Mutual involved in the Wild Moon Project

Wild Moon Project teaches young people about menstruation

by Gemma Melling

A new youth project aims to tackle the sense of taboo among young people when it comes to talking about menstruation.

The Wild Moon Project, being run jointly with Knowsley Youth Mutual and Liverpool artist and therapist Clare Beloved, is an exciting new project that aims to help young women better understand the facts about their monthly cycles and to be in tune with their emotional and physical wellbeing.

The Wild Moon Project hopes to help address the sense of stigma which means many people feel uncomfortable talking about periods – leaving some young women unaware, misinformed or embarrassed.

Raising awareness of menstruation

Knowsley Youth Mutual and Clare Beloved have been looking at how to creatively tackle the issue of ‘Period Poverty’ and the lack of access to sanitary products for some of the borough’s poorest residents and make sure that no young girls in Merseyside lose out on their education as a result of this issue.

Over the last few months the team have been working with young girls to design and deliver an exciting project that will tour youth settings and schools as part of an educational programme aimed at raising awareness and reducing stigma around periods. They will also be running a summer camp for mums, carers and daughters and are also aware that dads, brothers and young men are often left out of the picture so are running information nights for them too.

“No one should be afraid or unprepared”

Sandra Richardson, Chief Executive of Knowsley Youth Mutual said; “It’s really important that our young people learn the facts and know how to look after themselves throughout their whole monthly cycle. We want to ensure no young person in our community is afraid or unprepared for such a basic rite of passage and important transition into adulthood”.

Clare Beloved, Liverpool artist and therapist said “We are being approached by schools, parents and girls asking for help and we feel this is way overdue to blow the secrecy and shame around the topic of periods and beyond that menopause and other important times of our lives which are shrouded in mystery and silence. We want to start up creative conversations and help our community share stories and find new ways to be which can only benefit us all”

For more information contact Rachel McGowan at Knowsley Youth Mutual.