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When was the last time you looked after yourself?

by Lisa Bennett

One in four people suffer from a mental health condition at any one time, so looking after your mental health is really important.

The ‘Make Time’ campaign is all about helping you look after your mental wellbeing and to give you ideas about the different ways that you can help yourself and those around you feel good.

By making time for yourself and others, you can feel happier and improve someone else’s day too. There are five activities that have been proven to help boost our mental wellbeing if we practice them regularly.


When was the last time…

You tried something new?

It’s never too late to learn a new skill or take on a new challenge – like trying a new recipe or learning an instrument. Doing it can be rewarding and will make you feel proud.

You noticed things around you?

It’s not often that we stop to notice the world around us, but make time to have a look around once in a while, it will make you feel differently. Try noticing the spring flowers or the autumn leaves.

You laughed until you cried?

Spending time with the people around us – family, friends or neighbours, improves our sense of belonging and makes us feel good.  Try meeting up with friends or have a chat with a neighbour.

You made someone smile?

However we do it, doing something for someone else gives us a lift. Helping a friend or stranger could make their day. And a simple act of kindness can go a long way to making you feel good too. Try helping someone with their shopping or giving up your seat on the bus.

You got up and out?

Being active isn’t all about looking good, it helps us feel good too. Something as simple as going outside for a walk can make a positive difference to our mood. Discovering something you really enjoy doing is the important bit.



Earlier this year, over 100 people were involved in a flashmob performance to promote wellbeing based on the five ways and doing something that can make a positive difference to your mood.

Young people and adults from different groups across Knowsley developed a creative, engaging and inspiring way of communicating wellbeing messages through music, drama and singing.

Matt Ashton, Director of Public Health for Knowsley and Sefton, said: “The Make Time campaign is all about reminding people about the things that they can do every day to give themselves a boost. Some of these activities may only seem small, but they can make a really big difference to how you and others feel.

One in four people suffer from mental health conditions so Mental Health Awareness Week is a great time to encourage people to do what they can to try and look after their mental health.”

Visit make-time.org to find out more about the five ways.