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When are your alcohol free nights?

by Laura Johnston

​Public Health in Knowsley is encouraging us all to rethink our drinking habits and ensure we have alcohol free nights throughout the week.

Lots of people like to unwind with a glass of something at the end of the day, but a few drinks one night can quickly become the norm. Drinking every night can result in exceeding our weekly alcohol limits and putting our health at serious risk.

It’s good to get into a routine now of setting certain nights as alcohol free nights, helping you know what you’re drinking and cutting down if needed.

Reducing the amount you drink has a number of immediate and longer-term benefits.  Once you start to cut down, you’ll notice benefits such as sleeping better, feeling less tired during the day, being able to concentrate better and weight loss, plus think of how much money you’ll save!  In the longer-term, the biggest benefit is improving your health and helping you to reduce your risk of developing liver problems, high blood pressure (which could lead to a stroke or heart attack) and some types of cancer.

Men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week. By sticking to these guidelines you can lower your risk of harming your health.

To put this into context:-

  • A standard glass of red / white wine (13% Abv) is 2.3 units (160 calories)
  • A single gin and tonic (40% Abv) is one unit (97 calories)
  • A pint of lager (4% Abv) is 2.3 units (197 calories)
  • A pint of cider (4.5% Abv) is 2.6 units (210 calories)

Councillor Sean Donnelly, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said “It is so easy to fall into bad habits and unwind with a drink, but it’s also easy to forget (or not admit to) how much you are really drinking.  By setting one or two nights aside each week as alcohol-free nights will help you to manage what you are drinking as well as the associated health and financial benefits this will bring.”

Further information about ways to improve your health and wellbeing, as well as advice and support on cutting down what you drink, can be found on the Healthy Knowsley website.