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What’s on the agenda at Council: 6 March 2019

by Laura Johnston

A full meeting of Knowsley’s Council will take place on Wednesday 6 March at 6pm.

You can see the agenda and read the reports in full on the council website but here’s our quick summary of what’s on the agenda:

Corporate Plan 2017-2020

Council will be asked to endorse the council’s priorities for the next year as outlined in the Corporate Plan, noting the progress made so far to deliver these priorities.

Robustness of Estimates and Adequacy of Final Reserves

Council will be asked to note the findings of a recent review of the council’s financial management arrangements, including those for setting and monitoring budgets, managing financial uncertainty and risk and sound financial management.

Based on this review, the council can be satisfied that its arrangements are robust, and Council can therefore be confident when using the information as a basis for setting the authority’s annual budget and Council Tax rate.

Treasury Management Strategy 2019/2020

Council will be asked to approve the 2019/2020 treasury management strategy, which forms part of the capital strategy and outlines plans for the overall management and control of the Council’s cash income and expenditure.

2018/19 Revenue Budget Monitoring – Quarter 3 update

This report will provide Council with a forecast of how the end-of-year position will look for the council. It is an updated position since the last report in December 2018, and shows a slight improvement in the council’s predicted deficit and overspend figures for the year.

2019/20 Capital Strategy

As part of a new Government requirement, Knowsley Council now has to produce a Capital Strategy Report, explaining how its capital expenditure, capital financing and treasury management activity are contributing to the provision of local public services.

This report asks Council to note and approve the strategy for 2019/20.

Capital Programme Monitoring Update

This report presents an update on the Capital Programme of expenditure for 2018/19 and future years. Council will be asked to approve this latest three-year plan, which includes some additions.

Medium term financial strategy

Council will be presented with the budget proposals for 2019/20 – the third year of the three year budget approved in March 2017. The forecast position for 2019/20 assumes that previously agreed budget savings have been implemented and, for planning purposes, that Council Tax will increase by 2.99%. Council will also be presented with the Pay Policy for 2019/20, which includes the council’s lowest paid employees will be paid an hourly rate of £9.25 from 1 April 2019 – exceeding the latest Living Wage of £9 per hour announced by the Living Wage Foundation.

Fees and Charges

Council will be asked to review and approve the proposed fees and charges that the council will charge for the financial year 2019/20, for services such as building control, skip permits, room hire and the registrars.

2019/20 Revenue Budget

A report looking ahead at the financial position for the next financial year sets out some of the challenges facing the council, including the need to make £4.427m of savings during 2019/20. The report also recommends that Council Tax in Knowsley should increase by 2.99% in order to avoid the need for any further savings in service budgets.

In addition to this, the report sets out some proposed investment to tackle key issues across the borough.

Council Tax Levy 2019/2020

Council are asked to approve the 2019/2020 Council Tax requirement – which represents a 2.99% increase – noting the precepts, which have been issued by the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner, the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service and the Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor.

Want to know more detail?

You can view all the papers for this meeting on the council’s website.

Don’t forget, you can follow live updates from the meeting on Twitter – look for #KnowsleyCouncil or follow Knowsley Council – @KnowsleyCouncil.