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What’s on the agenda at Council on Wednesday 29 January 2020?


A full meeting of the Council is taking place on Wednesday 29 January 2020. Here’s a summary of what’s on the agenda.

Parliamentary election results

Results will be shared with the Council from December’s General Election which saw George Howarth retain his seat as MP for Knowsley. Maria Eagle and Marie Rimmer also retained their seats for Garston and Halewood constituency, and St Helens South and Whiston Constituency respectively.

2020/2021 Council Tax base and Forecast 2019/2020 Collection Fund Balance

Members will receive an update on the Council Tax base for 2020/21 (the number of residential households in Knowsley subject to Council Tax). There is a proposed increase of 933 Band D properties, which is a 2.6% increase on 2019/20. Much of this increase is a result of the council’s successful economic growth strategy and acceleration of house building across the borough. Members will also be asked to endorse a proposal to address long-term empty homes in the borough.

Public Health Annual Report 2018/19

Members will receive an update on the Knowsley Public Health Report 2018/19, the independent annual report produced by Knowsley’s Director of Public Health. The report – Keeping Knowsley Active – focuses on physical activity across all ages and highlights how the Council and its partners are working to improve residents’ physical activity levels.
The report includes recommendations which Council Members will decide whether to endorse at the meeting.

Knowsley Strategic Youth Justice Plan

The Ministry of Justice requires local authorities to produce Strategic Youth Justice Plans under Section 40 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. The Youth Justice Board Good Practice Grant part-funds local Youth Offending Services and is not released to each local authority area until submission and acceptance of the associated Strategic Youth Justice Plan.

The Knowsley Strategic Youth Justice Plan 2019/20 and the recommendations within the report were considered and endorsed by Cabinet on 20 November 2019. This report is now being presented to Council for consideration and final decision in line with the requirements of the Council’s Constitution. Furthermore Council will be recommended that authority be delegated to the Executive Director (Children’s Services) in consultation with the Children’s Services Cabinet Member to make any future amendments, modifications, revisions or variations to the Knowsley Strategic Youth Justice Plan in order to comply with the Ministry of Justice’s requirements.

Various Notices of Motions

Cllr Shelley Powell will put forward a notice of motion that Knowsley Council should make a Declaration of a Climate Emergency.

The Declaration would be made in response to the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit global warming. The notice will record that Knowsley Council’s estate and services have managed a reduction of 36% in carbon emissions since 2009, and that borough-wide emissions are down 28% since 2009. However it recognises that there is more that can be done.

Following the Declaration, it is proposed that the council develop an action plan with the aim of achieving net zero carbon emissions from the council’s estate and services by 2040 – ten years ahead of the national Government target.

A second notice of motion will be put forward by Cllr Joanne Burke calling on the council to take action to prevent fireworks displays in the borough causing fear and distress to animals and people, who can suffer psychological distress as a result.

Cllr Graham Morgan will then make a statement in support of Holocaust Memorial Day, and put forward a notice of motion for Knowsley Council to adopt the Statement of Commitment. This statement shows the council’s intention to remember the horror of the Holocaust, recognise its universal meaning and ensure it has a permanent place in the nation’s memory.

Cllr Kai Taylor will put forward a notice of motion will be put forward by asking the council to carry out a review of the Governance Model used by Knowsley Council.

A notice of motion will be put forward by Cllr Kai Taylor around background checks for Elected Members, urging the council to ensure that basic DBS checks are made on all members and that the council make representations to Government regarding the current lack of requirement for all councillors to obtain a DBS check.

Further details can be found on the council’s website.