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What’s on the agenda at Cabinet, Wednesday, 25 March?

by Gemma Melling

Update: All recommendations / reports on the agenda were moved and approved.

Knowsley Council’s Cabinet will meet at 5pm on Wednesday 25 March 2020. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2020 – 2025

Cabinet will be presented with, and recommend to adopt, the proposed Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2020 – 2025. The five-year action plan aims to reduce homelessness, ensure that commissioned accommodation and services are best placed and offering value for money, and that tackling homelessness becomes “Everybody’s Business”.

Adoption of the East of Halewood Supplementary Planning Document

Cabinet are recommended to approve the adoption of the Supplementary Planning Document for East of Halewood which will help to guide development in the area. This includes up to 1,500 high quality new homes, improved public open spaces, connections to existing Halewood amenities and the provision of complimentary commercial, leisure/retail developments. Plus the expansion of education and healthcare capacity to meet new demand.

Historic England Grant for Prescot Heritage Action Zone Programme

Cabinet are recommended to agree the acceptance of a £1.550m grant from Historic England to deliver the ‘regeneration-led’ Prescot Heritage Action Zone programme. This programme and funding will build in the hugely successful Prescot Townscape Heritage Initiative and will improve and bring back into use, historic buildings in Prescot town centre, deliver improvements to the public realm and hep to organise community and cultural events and activities, helping to increase football and investment in the town centre.

LED Lighting Replacement Programme

Cabinet will be asked to agree a report recommending the replacement of Knowsley’s 19,445 standard street lights with LED lighting. This was one of the actions highlighted following the borough’s declaration of a climate emergency earlier this year – with the initiative expected to deliver a 40% reduction in emissions over a three-year period. The programme would be funded by an interest free loan and achieve longer term savings to the Council of around £6m over the remaining 16-year period (2020-2036) of the Private Finance Initiative contract. The replacement programme is expected to last three years with a proposed start date of September 2020. Read the full report.

New Transport Capital Resources and Highway Asset Management Revenue Programme for 2020/2021

Cabinet will asked to consider and approve the proposed Transport Capital Resources and Highway Asset Revenue Management Programme which has been developed in accordance with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority’s ‘Transport Plan for Growth’. These are considered to be balanced programmes which meet the needs of the borough’s residents, businesses and visitors whilst achieving the benefits set out in the Highway Asset Management Framework.

Scrutiny Review of external communications

Cabinet will receive a report outlining the Sustainable Borough Scrutiny Committee’s review of external communications. The Scrutiny Committee has outlined a series of recommendations for consideration by Cabinet which builds on the good work delivered to date, embrace the principles of Knowsley Better Together so that more positive and accurate stories are shared both within the borough and beyond.

Scrutiny Committee review of the quality of Adult Social Care

Members will consider the latest review undertaken by the Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee to understand the quality of adult social care services in Knowsley and explore initiatives to improve the impact of services, as well as making recommendations to inform future developments. The Committee heard that our services were performing well compared with national and regional performance standards, including social care-related quality of life, reablement practice, and the borough’s proactive approach to Extra Care provision. Members stressed the importance of partnership working to promote independent living and reduce demand on conventional health and adult social care services. Read the full report.

Economic Growth and Prosperity Scrutiny Committee: Review of Business partnerships with education, skills and training providers to support the skills development of Knowsley residents

Members of the Cabinet will consider the findings of the Economic Growth and Scrutiny Committee review. The aim of the review was to examine and assess the effectiveness of how Knowsley businesses work together with education and skills and training providers to support the borough’s residents to develop the right skills to secure quality jobs. The committee’s recommendations build on the activities already taking place across Knowsley, and identify opportunities to strengthen current work.