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On the agenda at Cabinet -18 July

by Gemma Melling

Knowsley’s Cabinet met on Wednesday 18 July, with a number of key items on the agenda. Here’s a summary of what was discussed.

School playing field improvement programme

Councillors agreed an investment of almost £11 million into a comprehensive programme of improvements for school playing fields across the borough.

The £10.825 million investment is to be funded from the proceeds of sales of land which once belonged to former school sites which have since closed, relocated or merged with other schools.

The work will fund significant enhancements at 53 schools, allowing pupils to have even greater access to fantastic sporting, leisure and other outdoor learning and development opportunities. Read more about the investment.

Knowsley Education Strategy (2018-2021)

Councillors signed off an Education Strategy for Knowsley from 2018 to 2021, which aims to make Knowsley “a place where all children have the best start in life, where every family thrives and where all young people aim high and achieve their potential”.

The long term goals set out in the strategy include:

  • More pupils meeting the expected standards at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 in core subjects
  • Increasing pupil attendance at school
  • Encouraging school leaders to lead improvement in their own schools, in partnership with each other, Knowsley Council and other partner agencies in order to improve outcomes for all young people
  • Ensuring all schools have good quality governance
  • Recruiting and retaining high quality teaching staff
  • Improving Ofsted judgements across both primary and secondary schools
  • All partner agencies working together to create a self-sustaining educational offer.

The strategy places a clear focus on joint working to achieve a shared ‘strong ambition’ to improve outcomes and opportunities for all young people educated in the borough.

Property Pool Plus Allocation Scheme Update

Following the introduction of the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017, Cabinet approved revisions to the Council’s Property Pool Plus scheme (subject to approval also having been given by the other participating local authorities) for the allocation of social housing tenancies across Knowsley, Halton, Liverpool Sefton and Wirral. The changes provide greater priority for clients who need support to help them secure accommodation and prevent them becoming homeless.

Knowsley Older People’s Strategy 2018-21

Cabinet Members agreed the Older People’s Strategy for 2018-2021, which was prepared following in-depth consultation and engagement with older residents across the borough.

The strategy has been developed and will be delivered in line with the Knowsley Better Together approach – bringing people and organisations together for the benefit of Knowsley and its residents.  The strategy sets out five key priorities – health and wellbeing, crime and personal safety, loneliness and isolation, transport and finances.

Strategic Risk Management 2017/18 and 2018/19

Knowsley’s Strategic Risk Register reflects the challenges facing the council and is characteristic of risks being managed by local authorities nationally. Cabinet were updated on the progress made in 2017/18 to manage Knowsley’s identified strategic risks and agreed proposed changes to six strategic risks.

Cabinet approved the Strategic Risk Register for 2018/19, comprised of 40 active strategic risks; 12 high, 22 medium and six low strategic risks to be managed by the council during 2018/19.

Developing a new long-term vision and strategy for Knowsley

Cabinet agreed an approach to develop a new long-term vision for Knowsley to replace the current “Strategy for Knowsley” which commenced in 2008 and is due to expire in 2023. The new strategy will see the Council link in with residents, businesses and partners to help shape what kind of place Knowsley will be in 2030, and identify ways to achieve that vision.

Corporate Plan Monitoring 2017/18 Outturn report

Cabinet received an update on the progress made against the Council’s Corporate Plan 2017-2020.  The Corporate Plan sets out the council’s strategic priorities and the projects which will be undertaken in order to support the borough’s sustainability and growth.  Cabinet noted the significant achievements made during 2017/18 which include the improvements made in children’s social care following the Ofsted inspection, improvements made in adult’s social care and  progress against the ambitious growth plans for the borough.  Members also noted the focus on accelerating improvements in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, improved education outcomes for the borough’s children and young people and progressing opportunities to integrate with health in order to deliver better health and care outcomes for residents.

Want more information?

All the information and papers for this meeting can be found on the council’s website.