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Students reading their exam results after opening the envelopes

What’s next after A Level, T Level or BTEC?

by Gemma Melling

Students across Knowsley are collecting their A Level, BTEC, T Level and other results today.

With their results now known, it’s time for them to make big decisions about their future plans – whether to go on to further study, or to take the first steps onto a career ladder.

Whatever your results – better, worse or the same as expected – there are a whole range of options available to you.

What are my next steps?

If you are picking up exam results today, there are lots of sources of information available, so don’t hesitate to ask for advice.

  • If you need advice and help, speak to your school or college in the first instance as they can help explain possible next steps.
  • If you are looking at higher education, check the UCAS website which has lots of useful advice on next steps. If your grades were better or worse than you expected, or you’ve changed your mind about the course or university you’d like to choose, you can also use the UCAS clearing system to secure the place that is right for you.
  • Students can also seek advice from the Exam Results Helpline run by the National Careers Service, available online or on freephone 0800 100 900.
  • If you are now looking for employment, don’t forget there are still some vacancies available with the Knowsley Apprentice. The council’s Knowsley Works team may also be able to help you with your job hunt.

Congratulations to all those collecting exam results today

Cllr Margaret Harvey, Knowsley Council’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said: ““Congratulations to all the young people in Knowsley who have collected A Level, BTEC and other exam results.

“Today is the culmination of all your hard work over the last couple of years or more, and it’s an important milestone in your lives. If you got the results you needed or maybe even achieved far better than you expected, then today is a huge celebration. But even if you are disappointed with your grades, remember, there are still an unlimited number of opportunities out there.

“So, take as much advice as you can, and you will find the path that’s right for you.”