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What’s on the agenda at Cabinet, Wednesday 13 September?

by Gemma Melling

Knowsley Council’s Cabinet meet at 5pm on Wednesday, 13 September.

You can read the agenda and all the papers in full on the council’s website.

Alternatively, here’s our quick guide to what’s on the agenda.

2016/17 Capital Outturn and 2017/18 Capital Monitoring

The council’s outturn position for the 2016/17 Capital Programme will be presented at Cabinet, along with £32m of proposed capital investments planned over the next three years.  The capital investment programme includes improvements to a number of the borough’s highways, land and property including pothole repairs, M62 junction 5 road improvements, maintenance, repairs and improvements to Knowsley’s schools and children’s centres, ensuring there are sufficient facilities to accommodate the free childcare places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds along with preparing land for future residential, commercial and industrial development.

Strategic Risk Management 2016/17 and 2017/18

An update will be given on the council’s management of possible risks it has identified. These include things like flooding, highways maintenance and adult social care. The organisation’s Risk Register allows it to plan ahead for circumstances that might occur, and to work towards ensuring that certain risks can be reduced or avoided altogether.

Cabinet will hear about the progress made on the issues identified on the council’s Risk Register, and the work that is being done to help prevent or mitigate the impacts of these potential risks.

Cronton Town End conservation area

Cabinet will be considering the adoption of the Town End, Cronton Conservation Area Appraisal, Conservation Area Management Plan and amendments to the boundary of the Conservation Area.

Knowsley has 15 conservation areas and these documents help to guide and inform planning decisions in those areas as well as conserve Knowsley’s heritage assets.

The documents set out detailed guidance for property owners, developers and the council to ensure that buildings and spaces within the conservation areas are managed appropriately.

The amendments to the boundary propose the removal of two properties and to extend the boundary in other parts so it naturally follows walls and hedgerows.

Want more information about any of these items?

The full reports can be read on the council’s website.