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What to ‘Remember for September’

by Nicola Appleton

With the summer holidays almost drawing to a close, families across Knowsley are preparing for the start of the new school term in September. This year is like no other with many children and young people having not been in school since March.

As a result there is even more to think about than usual and of course some parents and carers may also be concerned about what changes to expect and how things will be different due to Covid-19.

In response, Knowsley Council is sharing some information with families across the borough to update them on the extensive work that has taken place in schools to make them safe spaces for children to return.

The Council is also providing some handy tips on what to ‘Remember for September’ which urges families to check updates from schools, remember basic health and hygiene advice and what processes to follow if a child or family member has Covid-19 symptoms.

Cllr Margaret Harvey, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services said:-

“We appreciate that five months away from school is a long time for our families and young people. The prospect of returning means children can look forward to spending time with their friends again and resuming their learning. But with that also can come concerns about what might have changed and understandably parents may be worried about the health and wellbeing of their children when they are back at school.

We want to acknowledge that and provide as much information and reassurance as we can to families to prepare them for the start of the new term.”

The Leader of the Council has written an open letter to parents outlining the work carried out in schools to ensure children can return safely. This includes the support provided by the Council and in particular Public Health. It also assures parents that new procedures within schools have been well tested in recent months and teaching and schools staff well briefing and informed to ensure children feel safe and comfortable.

Cllr Harvey added:

“I think it is important to remember that all schools in Knowsley remained open during the pandemic to support the most vulnerable and the children of key workers. What this means is that our schools have already implemented many changes, tested their plans and procedures and are confident about welcoming more pupils back next month.

I know this can be daunting for parents and young people but it is also another positive step forward to returning to some kind of new ‘normal’ that once again will allow our young people to socialise and learn in a safe environment.”

Individual schools will inform parents of any changes or updates specific to their own circumstances and families are urged to keep an eye on school websites and social media accounts for updates.