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Warm home upgrades available to eligible Knowsley residents

by Jonathan Kearney

Knowsley residents could benefit from warmer homes and have their heating or electrics improved thanks to the Warm Homes Scheme.

Residents in Knowsley can benefit from heating and electrical upgrades, thanks to funding from Knowsley Council’s Strategic Housing team, who are helping vulnerable residents stay warm safe and healthy over the winter months.

Residents must be a homeowner, aged 60 and over or the parent/guardian of a child under 5, and in receipt of eligible benefits or on a low income (low income applicants will be means tested to verify eligibility).

Through the scheme, households will have modern, energy-efficient boilers and central heating systems to keep them warm and modern safe electrical wiring.

Winter warmth funding

In addition to the above scheme residents may also be eligible for funding through the Winter Warmth Fund. The scheme will enable eligible residents to a one-off heating or boiler repair (capped at £500) emergency heating and pre-payment fuel vouchers.


For the heating repair element all residents must be an owner occupier, social and private tenants must contact their individual landlords for any repairs to their heating or boilers.

All applicants must be in receipt of an eligible benefit or their household deemed to be on a low income. The Council will require proof of eligible benefits and household income were required.

To find out more about the above schemes and check eligibility criteria, call the council’s Energy Officer, Simon Rugen, on 0151-443-5817 or email housing@knowsley.gov.uk