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Volunteers supporting Knowsley communities

by Gemma Melling

Since launching just four weeks ago, the Knowsley Support and Volunteer Line has resulted in more than 400 people ringing and volunteering their time and services to support Knowsley residents during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

The freephone helpline – 0800 073 0043 – is available 7 days a week and is somewhere that residents can turn to and request support. It’s also somewhere that people can call who want to volunteer to support local communities.

Now, the first group of volunteers are operational across the borough, providing essential support to residents such as picking up and delivering food shopping, dog walking for residents who are self-isolating as well as a ‘check in and chat’ service for residents who are feeling socially isolated and just need someone to talk to.  In addition, a number of volunteers have been deployed to support Knowsley Foodbank and assist with food parcels and food distribution to local residents.

As well as individuals volunteering their time to support others, a number of Knowsley businesses have also pledged their support too by donating their services such as transportation to assist with food deliveries as well as donating food items and donating money to the Big Help Project to enable food items to be purchased.

If you’d like to support, you can make a cash donation by visiting The Big Help’s fundraising page. Alternatively you can drop off food items, such a juice, squash, custard, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sugar, soup, rice pudding, UHT milk, beans, spaghetti, tinned tomatoes, pasta sauce, pasta, rice, vegetables, cereals when you do your own shop at:

Tesco, Cables Way Retail Park, Steley Way, Prescot, L34 5N

Asda, Huyton Lane, Huyton, L36 7TX.

Alpha Taxis, 8 St Chads Parade, Kirkby, L32 8RH.

Co-op, Long Moor Lane, Fazakerley, L9 9HS.

The Big Help Project – Front Office, Link Rd, Huyton, L36 6AP.

Cllr Graham Morgan, Leader of Knowsley Council, said: “I’m overwhelmed with the offers of help we’ve received since we launched our Support and Volunteer Line. It shows the great community spirit we have here in Knowsley with everyone wanting to work together and support one another. We are all living and working through challenging times at the moment so it’s a time when people need a little bit more support. There is somewhere for people in Knowsley to turn to – no-one is alone and we will get through this together.”