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Useful apps – what to do in an emergency situation

by Laura Johnston

A number of useful apps are available to download advising of actions to take in a variety of emergency situations including shootings, stabbings or suspected bombs or bomb explosions through to hazardous weather conditions including floods, fires, storms and power cuts.

When a crisis is on its way, every second counts, so being prepared and knowing what to do will help in any emergency situation.

The first, developed by citizenAID, outlines the steps the public can take to promote public safety whilst awaiting the emergency services to arrive.  Through the app, you can follow logical steps to do the right things in the right order, helping you and others to stay safe.  The information has been developed in consultation with emergency services and government agencies. The app is available to download for free from Google Play, Apple App or the Windows store. To download the app and to find out more about citizenAID, visit their website.

Another useful download is the Red Cross Emergency App.  This free app sends you alerts about a huge range of emergencies in your area and tells you what do do when they happen.  This app is available to download from Google Play and the App Store.  Further information is also available at on the Red Cross website.