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Updated guidance issued on home schooling

by Jonathan Kearney

The Department for Education has updated its guidance to help parents and carers to support their child if they are currently home schooling.

All schools in Knowsley have remained open throughout the pandemic, ensuring that the children of critical workers and vulnerable children can continue to attend school.

Schools across the borough have been working with families to ensure they have access to the equipment they need in order to continue learning at home, whilst also setting a range of engaging activities aligned to the curriculum to ensure their child’s learning can continue during the current lockdown arrangements.

Cllr Margaret Harvey, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said: “Our schools have worked incredibly hard throughout the pandemic to ensure that a child’s learning can continue both at school and at home. I know from the feedback I have received from families that the help and support provided by our schools has been invaluable.

“I am immensely proud of how our schools have responded throughout the pandemic, which has included supporting families and providing the very best education support possible during these difficult times.

“I appreciate it is an incredibly difficult time for families and home learning can be challenge, but if you do need any advice or help, please speak to your school. They are here to support you.”

The updated remote learning guidance specifies that schools and colleges are expected to promote their remote education offer on their website and activities should include a mix of recorded or live teaching time and time for pupils to complete activities independently.

The guidance states that children should be studying a minimum of 3-5 hours per day, depending on their age:-

  • key stage 1 – up to 3 hours a day, with fewer hours for younger children
  • key stage 2 – up to 4 hours a day
  • key stages 3 and 4 – up to 5 hours a day

Parents and carers should not feel that they need to set work for their child. There is a range of resources that can help you to plan your child’s day.

The guidance also includes a range of help that is available to support your child’s mental health and wellbeing. The pandemic has created many challenges for children and young people, including a lack of a structured routine that regular school attendance can provide, not to mention the lack of social interaction with their friends. This can impact on their mental health, but there is a range of support available.

There are also resources to support you if your child has Special Educational Needs and / or Disabilities (SEND) including targeted lessons for children with SEND.

With more children working online, it’s important that they are reminded of how to stay safe online through regular conversations and ensuring they tell you if they see anything online that worries them. Further guidance on online safety can be found here.