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Update on the delivery of Knowsley 2030 Place strategy

by Guy Murphy

Earlier this week, the Knowsley Better Together Board received an update on the delivery of the ‘Place’ element of the Knowsley 2030 strategy.

The Knowsley 2030 Strategy was launched in August 2020 following consultation with residents, businesses and partner organisations. Since its launch, the Knowsley Better Together Partnership Board has received regular reports to discuss the progress made in relation to the delivery of the strategy.

Within the Knowsley 2030 strategy there are three ‘Place’ based strategic outcomes:

  • A thriving, inclusive economy with opportunities for people and business.
  • Welcoming, vibrant neighbourhoods and town centres
  • Achieving net zero across the borough.

Now in its third full year of delivery, Board Members were provided with an update on the significant progress that continues to be made to deliver the three strategic outcomes.

A thriving, inclusive economy with opportunities for people and business.

Knowsley Council and partners continue to support residents into work.

Some key work highlighted by partners included:

  • Livv Housing commissioned several social impact programmes to support residents into work, these resulted in:
    • 272 residents entering employment.
    • 203 residents undertaking sector-based training.
    • 156 young people undertaking sector-based training.
    • 14 apprentices recruited and 14 apprentices moving into full time work.
  • The Council’s Knowsley Works Team reported that it has provided employment support to 15,281 residents over the previous year. This included:
    • Working with Fords in Halewood to support the business with its workforce expansion. Knowsley Works has assessed 1,200 applicants and interviewed 500.
    • Recruitment of 92 new apprentices to the Knowsley Apprenticeship Programme.
    • Extension of The Knowsley Restart programme to 2026.

Over the previous decade Knowsley has seen significant investment and growth, with around 19,000 jobs created during that period.

Welcoming, vibrant neighbourhoods and town centres

The report highlighted the significant investment that continues to be made in the borough’s neighbourhoods and town centres.

In the first half of the year the Council’s Affordable Housing Programme has delivered 207 units, whilst Livv Housing reported that their New Homes Development Programme has 10 contracted sites which will deliver over 400 mixed tenure new build homes.

The board received an update regarding the investment made across the borough, including new housing development and improvements to high streets.

Achieving net zero across the borough

Significant progress continues to be made by the partnership as part of its commitment to achieving Net Zero.

A Knowsley Better Together Net Zero Group has been set up to lead on work to reduce borough-wide emissions. Following the adoption of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Five Year Climate Action Plan, the group is also working to align the partnership’s actions under the agreed pillars of the Combined Authority’s plan.

Knowsley Council continues to make progress in the delivery of the Public Sector Decarbonisation scheme, with works at Court Hey Park, Huyton Library and the River Alt Resource Centre now complete. Further work is underway at Kirkby Leisure Centre, while works will take place at Halewood Leisure Centre during 2024/25.

Livv Housing has set targets to improve the thermal efficiency of all 13,000 homes on a graduated basis and has reduced energy consumption by 30% and carbon emissions by 54% since 2019.

The report also acknowledges the significant challenges that the borough faces in light of the current economic situation and the cost of living crisis, both of which have underlined the important role that the partnership has to play in delivering the outcomes Knowsley residents and business want to see.

More information

The Knowsley 2030 Strategy was co-produced by agencies representing the Knowsley Better Together Board – Knowsley Council, One Knowsley, Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group, Merseyside Police and Commissioners Office and LIVV Housing Group – as well as residents, businesses and wider stakeholders.

The full report can be found here.