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Update on highways improvements in Halewood

by Jonathan Kearney

A number of key highways infrastructure works have been completed in Halewood to help improve road safety and improve traffic flow in the town.

With many of the highways schemes in Halewood nearing completion, Knowsley Council would like to thank residents for their ongoing patience while extensive improvement works have been taking place.

Highways improvements in Halewood are being delivered as part of the East of Halewood development and the wider £30m investment in the town, which includes £15.3m of Levelling Up Funding.

The East of Halewood development includes the delivery of around 1,300 high quality new homes, green open space improvements and investment in infrastructure and local services.

House builders Miller, Bellway and Redrow have committed up to £4.4million in Section 106 funding to improve the highways across Halewood.

Knowsley Council has also secured £2.5m from the City Region Sustainable Travel Settlement for additional highways improvement works.

The improvement works will benefit pedestrians and cyclists as well as motorists and other road users.

Old Hutte Lane/Higher Road

Junction improvements have now been completed on Old Hutte Lane/Higher Road. The new signal installation will improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians. Carriageway resurfacing and drainage improvements have also been completed.

Greensbridge Lane – Traffic Calming

Traffic calming works on Greensbridge Lane, including the installation of new speed cushions, gateway chicanes and a reduction from a 40mph to a 30mph speed limit, has now been completed subject to the competition of the electrical connection.

Future improvement works will also include:

Proposed 2km segregated cycleway along Higher Road, between Finch Lane and Blackburn Drive

Residents will have the opportunity to share their views on the proposed works as part of a public consultation later this year. The proposals also include new pedestrian facilities and junction upgrades around Baileys Lane and Finch Lane, providing additional highway capacity.

New traffic signals at the Baileys Lane and Finch Lane/Higher Road junction

This will include an upgrade of the existing roundabout, segregated cycle facility and traffic signals with pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities at the junction of Higher Road and Baileys Lane and Higher Road and Finch Lane. General infrastructure upgrades such as a new footway, grassed verges and street lighting will also be completed. Detailed design works are being completed, with works expected to commence on site in spring/summer 2024.

A comprehensive scheme to improve traffic flow at the Baileys Lane/Church Road/Lower Road/ Greensbridge Lane junction.

Designs are currently being worked up to improve this junction, which will include traffic signals with pedestrian crossing facilities. Works are expected to commence in 2024.

Making Finch Lane one-way in a northerly direction between Lower Road and the Everton FC training facility

Works will include a segregated cycle facility and implementation of a one-way order, signage and traffic islands. Construction is expected to commence in spring/summer 2024.

The highways improvements are part of a wider £30m investment in Halewood that will deliver significant improvements including an expansion of the local district centre and improvements to town centre amenity, new and improved sports and leisure facilities, enhancements to green spaces and increased primary school and early years capacity.

Cllr Tony Brennan, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development, said: “These improvements are already starting to improve traffic flow and road safety in Halewood and make it easier and more attractive for people to travel round on foot or by bike. Residents have been extremely patient while extensive improvement works have been taking place and I hope they can start to enjoy the benefits when the respective schemes complete. The new homes and new investment is being delivered in Halewood and, as the town grows, we are ensuring we have the infrastructure and local services in place to support this growth.”