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Upcoming healthy families workshops in Knowsley

by Jonathan Kearney

The Healthy Families: Right from the Start group programme is a unique 8-week intervention that offers parents a chance to share ideas and gain new skills and tools to address lifestyle issues in a supportive and fun environment.

The programme adopts a holistic approach and focuses on five research-identified risk factors for child obesity: parenting efficacy, family lifestyle habits, emotional wellbeing, nutrition and physical activity. HENRY’s holistic approach to a healthy start helps children to flourish throughout childhood and beyond.

Upcoming workshops: Henry Starting Solids

Hilltop Children’s Centre, Bedford Close, Huyton, L36 1XH.

Wednesday 26 June          12pm-2.30pm

 Tesco, Prescot, L34 5NQ

Thursday 18 July           1pm – 3pm

 Jubilee Children’s Centre, Huyton, L36 2LF

Friday 19 July    1pm – 3pm

Call 0151 443 5633 to book your space or email: earlyyearsservice@knowsley.gov.uk

Independent studies have shown that:

  • Families participating in the Healthy Families: Right from the Start group programme make and sustain statistically significant changes in five research-identified risk factors for child obesity: parenting efficacy, family lifestyle habits, emotional wellbeing, nutrition and physical activity. This includes reduced consumption of high-fat, high-sugar foods, and increased consumption of fruit and vegetables.
  • Children whose parents attended a HENRY programme had a trend for BMI z-score reduction towards an ideal weight, whereas in the control group there was an increase in BMI z-score.

HENRY in Knowsley

Seven programmes were delivered in Knowsley from 2022/23 to 2023/24, reaching 46 children aged between 0-5 and 40 parents.

  • Nearly all outcomes saw a measurable improvement from baseline to completion.
  • 94% of respondents reported a healthier family lifestyle – and 59% of respondents rated their family’s lifestyle as healthy on completion, compared to 0% at baseline.
  • 76% of respondents reported improved parenting confidence in at least one of the following areas: I feel confident as a parent, I enjoy spending time with my child, I often praise and encourage my child and I can hold clear boundaries as a parent.
  • 82% of respondents reported improved emotional wellbeing, with respondents feeling more optimistic, useful and relaxed. Respondents also felt they were dealing with problems well, thinking clearly, able to make up their own minds, and feeling close to other people more of the time.

100% of respondents reported improved family eating habits

    • The following improvements in family eating behaviour were noted: eating together as a family; eating home-cooked meals; eating meals they know to be healthy; stopping eating when they are full, even if food is left; switching screens off at mealtimes; and reducing takeaway meals.
    • The proportion of children consuming fruit & vegetables at least 5 times per day increased from 12% at baseline to 35% at completion, a 192% increase in 5-a-day consumption among children.

Feedback from parents was overwhelmingly positive for all seven programmes:

  • All respondents felt that the programme was ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ and 100% of respondents would ‘Definitely’ recommend the programme to other families.


“I loved so many things – the teachers, the other mums, the lessons I learned, the impact it’s had on my confidence in my abilities as a mum. Just wish it could be every week as I enjoyed it so much! We’ve bought an air fryer now, cooked more and healthier meals and cooked more as a family.”


“I enjoyed meeting other mums and sharing experiences. I am giving two healthy choices now and using collective reward systems. We have healthier eating and we’re removing devices during mealtimes.”


“I enjoyed all of it. The programme is great, so useful and it’s given me much more confidence weaning. We are eating more veg, too, and making better choices.”


“It was a nice group of mums and lovely teachers. We’ve started being more active and eating healthier.”


“We’re making healthy changes, and I’m encouraging different things and putting different things in place. I enjoyed the discussions, advice and making family changes.”


“It was great being with other mums and babies in an intimate setting, feeling like we can open up about anything. And talking to knowledgeable and kind practitioners who are amazing and passionate. I have started taking time to relax, I’m reducing waste, we’re eating more fruit and vegetables. I’m cooking more recipes and exercising.”