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Upcoming exhibition is helping to improve local community

by Laura Johnston

Residents in Stockbridge Village have been working on an important project to understand how social isolation can be tackled in their community.

With support from Lancaster University, the group of 10 carried out research to gain an insight into how much locals feel a part of their community and the challenges they face. Local residents were interviewed by the group and asked to share stories about their involvement in the community and their relationships with neighbours.

This is a great example of Knowsley Better Together, when a local community identifies an issue and works with other groups and organisations to find a solution, using their shared resources and expertise.

The research gathered is being shared with Knowsley Council, Villages Housing and the NHS to help them understand the needs of the area better and take action to reduce social isolation.

The findings will be displayed on 16 posters with graphic design by Len Grant at an exhibition called Stockbridge in Stories. The exhibition will be held at Huyton Library on Friday 18 January, Friday 22 February and Friday 22 March 2019 from 11am to 4pm.

You will be able to meet the residents as well as Dr Vivien Holt from Lancaster University on each day of the exhibition. You can chat to them about their findings and discuss your views on social connectedness – whether you live in Stockbridge Village or not.

Learning about these local people’s stories may motivate you to get yourself more involved in the community or inspire you to promote community cohesion. Social connectedness can strengthen relationships with neighbours and improve mental wellbeing.

This exhibition is part of the Great Emerging Marvellous (GEM) Places Initiative which is funded through Arts Council England, and brings exciting cultural events and activities to libraries in Knowsley.

Stockbridge in Stories is applied public health research and is part of the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research (CLAHRC) Neighbourhood Resilience Programme which is funded by the National Institute for Health Research.

Image L-R: Pauline Coulton (Knowsley Council), Lee Tomlinson (Mayor of Knowsley), Neil Joseph (Resident Advisor), Patrick Goodison (Knowsley Council), Barbara Murray (former project facilitator and Villages Housing Association), Vivien Holt (Lancaster University) and Steph Tomlinson (Resident Advisor).