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For the record

For the record: Tree removal and replacement in Prescot Town Centre

by Gemma Melling

As part of the agreed Prescot Upgrade Masterplan, work is currently being carried out along Ackers Street and Eccleston Street.

This work includes the removal of eight Alder trees, one of which was dead, and a number of others which were showing some distress with signs of crown dieback and dead areas within their crowns.

The removal of these Alder trees has long been part of the plans for the town centre. This was clearly set out in the Prescot Upgrade Masterplan, which was subject to public consultation in April this year and was shared with local councillors from all political parties. Once the trees and roots have been removed from their current position, they will be replaced by new planting, and bespoke new seating will go in the spaces left behind.

As well as the fact that a number of the trees are already in poor condition, it was expected that their life expectancy of 15 years would be significantly reduced by the change in the level of paving in the area around their roots. As such, the plan has always been for these trees to be replaced with new trees.

These new trees will be planted along Ackers Street and Eccleston Street, close to Market Place, in Cyprus Street Car Park and potentially also in Mill Street Car Park. No definite date has been fixed for planting yet, but this is likely to be between November this year and March next year. The species that will be chosen will be selected to ensure they are more suited to the environment than the existing trees.

In addition to these new trees, a large Turkey Oak which is situated at the top of Aspinall Street is being retained, with seating installed around the tree to ensure its roots are protected to prevent any damage.