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‘Think kidneys’ and look after your health

by Gemma Melling

The NHS launched its latest campaign earlier this month encouraging us to ‘think kidneys’.

Kidneys are important to our wellbeing, looking after our bodies through the production of urine to get rid of excess water and toxins.

Acute kidney injury is a sudden and recent reduction in a person’s kidney function. It is not caused as a result of a physical blow to the body.  Your risk can be increased by certain medications or illnesses.

The aim of this latest campaign is to reduce avoidable harm and death for people at risk or experiencing acute kidney injury, and to improve care for patients whether in hospital, care homes or at home.

You can help your kidneys to work better by staying hydrated.

The campaign has produced a handy guide to ‘almost everything you need to know about your kidneys’.  In addition, you can find out more by visiting  www.thinkkidneys.nhs.uk or by talking to your GP or pharmacist.