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The Prime Minister’s latest announcement and what it means for Knowsley

by Guy Murphy

The Prime Minister has now confirmed (Monday 23 November) that national lockdown will end on 2 December and not be renewed.

What will happen when lockdown ends?

When lockdown ends, the country will return to a ‘tier’ system which will place local restrictions on areas depending upon their rates of infection and the local pressure on hospitals.

In addition, the Prime Minister has confirmed that in all areas non-essential shops, personal care, gyms and the wider leisure sector will be allowed to reopen.

Spectators will also be allowed to return to some sporting events, and weddings and collective worship will be allowed resume under specific guidance.

The exact specifics will depend upon which tier your area is placed into.

Do we know what tier Knowsley will be in?

No. We have had no formal indication of what tier we will be placed into but the Government have been clear that this will be a decision they will make and it will not be up for negotiation.

We are expecting an announcement to be made on Thursday this week (26 November)

Will the new tiers be the same as before national lockdown?

No. The tiers have been reviewed and restrictions ‘toughened’ up at Levels 1,2 and 3.

A summary of the rules for each tier can be found here.

How long will the new restrictions be in place for?

It is expected that the regional restrictions will be in place until March.

Will families be able to meet up at Christmas?

The Prime Minister confirmed that he is working to agree a relaxed set of rules to cover the Christmas period with Wales, Scotland and Ireland.  As yet, we don’t know what these new rules will be.

However, the Government has made clear that families will have to make careful judgements about the risks of visiting elderly or vulnerable relatives and friends.