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Photo of Happy Young Female Caregiver and Elderly Female Drinking Coffee While Sitting in the Living Room.

The Knowsley Offer – supporting residents to live independently

by Guy Murphy

Knowsley Council is committed to supporting residents to live independently, in their homes, for as long as possible.

To help the Council and its partners achieve this aim, The Knowsley Offer has been developed. An online resource that includes information, advice, support, services, facilities and much more relating to residents’ priorities and issues and what they need to help them to thrive.

As part of its commitment to supporting residents to live independently, Knowsley Council and partners are focussed on early intervention and prevention. This ensures that residents can choose a personalised approach to their care that maintains independence and promotes choice and control.

Through The Knowsley Offer, residents can access a range of services and support to tackle poor health and wellbeing and enable them to make better life choices.

For residents who require a greater level of support, the Council is committed to to ensuring that there are good quality care services available and that these can meet a wide range of complex needs.

The Council’s offer is underpinned by good quality social work practice, with focus on safeguarding the most vulnerable and ensuring careful consideration is taken when procuring services and developing new models of care.

The Knowsley Offer – www.knowsleybettertogether.co.uk/theoffer –was developed following extensive consultation in 2022 when people identified what issues were affecting them and where they needed support in order to thrive.