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a young couple celebrate getting the keys to their new home by taking a selfie in the garden.

The Knowsley Offer – delivering the homes the borough needs

by Guy Murphy

Thanks to its proximity to both Liverpool and Manchester, access to motorways, public transport links, and competitive house prices and rents, Knowsley is an increasingly popular place to live.

To ensure the borough has a housing offer that meets this growing demand, the Council is working closely with registered housing providers and developers as part of The Knowsley Offer.

Developing a borough for the future

Knowsley Council is currently working towards the delivery of its Housing Strategy 2022-2027. The document sets out the borough’s priorities and was developed following an extensive consultation with a range of stakeholders.

The strategy ensures that housing developments in the borough are good quality, offer a range of choice, are aligned to demand and support Knowsley’s overall economic growth.

Thanks to the Council’s ambitious growth plan, more than 5,700 new homes have been built over the last 10 years with more than 1,500 of these being affordable homes.

Ensuring a mixed housing offer

There is currently a wide selection of homes available to buy and rent in Knowsley. This means that everyone from first time buyers to renters, and those looking for larger family homes, can find something that suits to their needs.

There are approximately 69,000 homes in total in Knowsley – 84.6% are houses, 11.6% are flats and bungalows/level access properties account for 3.8%.

The average price to purchase a home in Knowsley is very competitive compared to other areas at £167,000 in 2022 compared with £210,000 across the North West and £303,000 in England.

The average private rent for a home in Knowsley is £600 per month, compared with £635 across the North West, and £800 across England.

The average social rent is £373 per month and the average affordable rent is £479 per month.

However, there remains demand for certain types or sizes of property that exceeds availability. That is why, as part of The Knowsley Offer, the Council is working closely with Registered Providers, landlords and developers to address this issue and come up with solutions to ensure the housing offer meets current and future demand.

Current housing developments

There are currently 17 housing developments ongoing in Knowsley, including a Garden Village development (Halsnead Garden Village) which as well as delivering 1,600 new homes, it also includes a 28 hectare country park.

All of these new developments secure financial contributions from developers for the local area. This has meant an additional £28m being invested locally from Section 106 Agreements (developer contributions) which is used to fund improvements to healthcare facilities, transport, nursery and primary school places, highways works and new or improvements to public open spaces.

Affordable housing

Over the last 10 years, 1,500 afford properties have been built in the borough. There are approximately 18,600 affordable homes across Knowsley (as of 2022), which represents around 27% of all residential properties and includes social rented, affordable rent, and low-cost home ownership homes.

However, demand for affordable housing in Knowsley is high and residents can sometimes find it difficult to find a property that fits their exact needs. Knowsley Council works closely with Registered Provider partners to address this, and support afford housing delivery.

Maintaining good quality homes

The Private Rented Sector plays an important role in borough, in both meeting housing needs and providing flexible housing options. In 2020, 10.8% of households in the borough (around 7,300) were private rented, with the majority in Kirkby and Huyton.

Overall private housing in Knowsley is in a good condition and is well managed. However, it is recognised nationally that conditions in the private rented sector can be less satisfactory.

As part of The Knowsley Offer, the Council is working hard to respond to these issues and introduced a new Housing Enforcement Policy in 2022. The Policy provides Council officers with the appropriate powers of intervention as required, including Civil Penalty Notices and Compulsory Purchase Orders.

The Knowsley Offer

The Knowsley Offer – www.knowsleybettertogether.co.uk/theoffer – launched in 2023. It’s an online resource that includes information, advice, support, services, facilities and much more relating to residents’ priorities and issues and what they need to help them to thrive.

It was developed following extensive consultation undertaken last year when people identified what issues were affecting them and where they needed support in order to thrive.