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Local teenagers transform school’s play and learning area

by Laura Johnston

A group of community-minded young people have showed off their skills and kind-heartedness by helping renovate an outside learning area of a local primary school.

The group is made up of 15 17 and 18-years-olds who have completed four weeks of National Citizen Service (NCS) but didn’t want to stop there. The group chose to celebrate this year’s NCS Action Day by getting together again and using their newfound skills to help transform Huyton’s Knowsley Lane Primary School’s outside play and learning area.

National Citizen Service is the government’s flagship youth programme that allows young people to develop new skills, meet new people and contribute to a community project.

18-year-old Holly Griffiths-Jones explained that the group spent several hours doing tasks to complete the amazing transformation, from tidying the garden and cutting overgrown bushes to giving the wooden furniture a well needed lick of paint. Holly said: “It was hard physical work but our group made a real difference and I think the children who attend this school will be really surprised with the result!”

Holly enjoyed her time so much that after graduating from NCS in 2015, she signed up the NCS Regional Youth Board which meets throughout the year to help shape the programme for others on the scheme.

Igneus, an employment, health and skills specialist delivers NCS in Merseyside and works in partnership with Everton in the Community, the official charity of Everton Football Club.

Annemarie Longden from Ingeus, who coordinated the day, said:

“Our young people have worked hard and made such a difference but they also had great fun. The aim was for young people, who have already benefited from taking part in NCS, to come back together and chose another project they want to support. The group opted to tackle a job which is right at the heart of their community and, in doing so, are helping tell all other young people about the great experience they could have by getting involved in NCS.”

NCS offers a unique opportunity for fun, adventure and discovery, and is open to all 16 to 17-year-olds for less than £50.

The programme takes place during school holidays so it’s a great way to keep yourself from being bored while doing something productive with your spare time at the same time.

As well as being fun and helping you to make life-long friends, NCS can also improve your job prospects by improving your CV and boosting your confidence so there’s plenty of reasons to get involved.

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested, visit www.ncisingeus.co.uk for all of the details.