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A cartoon drawing of a girl with pigtails holding a note pad and pen. Behind her head is an explosion which includes stars, planets, a moon and lightbulb and a jigsaw piece, representing a range of different creative ideas.

Teenage Writing Competition at Knowsley’s Libraries

by Emily Maguire

Time is running out for aspiring young authors to submit their stories in Knowsley Libraries Teenage Writing Competition.

You can write a short story, poetry, a script or even a novel in any genre, the only criteria is that it should be an original piece of work and should be no more than 2,000 words in length

The competition is open for six weeks, from Monday 11 March – Friday 19 April. Library staff will then judge the entries based on their creativity, descriptive language, plot and also by how much they enjoy them!

The libraries team hope to create a display of the stories that are submitted, giving visitors the opportunity to read some of these unique stories as well as sharing the creative writing online.

There are three prizes up for grabs, 1st place will receive a £40 book voucher, 2nd place will receive a £30 book voucher and 3rd place will receive a £10 book voucher.

Entries can be submitted by emailing yourlibrary@knowsley.gov.uk