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Teachers from Vermont learn about the UK education system in Knowsley

by Laura Johnston

Stockbridge Village Primary School in Knowsley has played host to a delegation of teachers from America who want to learn from and share best practice around primary education in the UK.

The group of teachers has travelled from Vermont, along with staff from the University of New Hampshire.

The aim of the visit is to experience UK education and given Stockbridge Village Primary School’s ‘Good’ Ofsted inspection, with early years provision being rated as ‘Outstanding’, there is a lot to learn from the knowledge and experience of staff along with the policies, procedures and practices being delivered at the school.

As well as meeting staff and having a tour of the excellent learning environments, the teachers from Vermont will also experience the high-quality of teaching and learning being delivery first-hand by attending lessons too.

Jan Smyth, Acting Head Teacher at Stockbridge Village Primary School, said “I’m delighted to welcome the teaching delegation from Vermont who want to learn from and experience the UK education system.  We have dedicated staff, governors, pupils and parents who all work together to ensure the very best learning environment and outcomes for our children and I’m delighted to share our work with them.”

Rob DeCicco from the Vermont Group said “I was amazed with the work happening here at Stockbridge Village Primary.  I enjoyed meeting the students and staff and feel there is much to learn here.”