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Department for Education launches campaign to tackle child abuse

by Laura Johnston

‘Together, we can tackle child abuse’ is a government campaign, led by the Department for Education. It encourages members of the public to help protect children and young people by reporting any concerns of abuse or neglect to their local council.

We all have a role to play in protecting children and young people from child abuse and neglect. But right now, some people do not report their concerns because they’re not certain of the signs, don’t know where to report, or are worried about being wrong. This means that local councils could be missing out on vital information they need to keep children safe from harm.

This campaign aims to tackle the barriers that stop people reporting, educating people about signs to spot and how to report, so that children and young people at risk get the help they need more quickly. Follow the ABC guide to spotting the signs:-

Appearance – unusual injuries, or consistently poor hygiene

Behaviour – being withdrawn, overly anxious, disruptive, self harming, or any other sudden changes in behaviour

Communication – talking aggressively, using sexual language, or becoming secretive

Child abuse. If you think it, report it.

To find out how, visit www.gov.uk/tacklechildabuse