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Tackling child abuse in Knowsley

by Laura Johnston

The next phase of a government campaign encouraging people to report suspected cases of child abuse has been launched recently.

The national campaign is called ‘Together, we can tackle child abuse’ and it places attention on the actions that the public can take to support the work of professionals in bringing child abuse to light. It aims to address the barriers that prevent the public from reporting child abuse, and spread the message that safeguarding children from abuse and neglect is everyone’s responsibility.

A lot of people don’t raise concern about a child because they are worried about being wrong or not having strong enough evidence but it should be highlighted that you don’t have to be absolutely certain about your suspicions. If you are concerned that a child’s safety is at risk, then that is enough for you to report your concern; anything you notice can help a child at risk.

How do I know if a child is being abused?

Child abuse includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse, and neglect. There may be no physical signs at all but you may be able to recognise child abuse or neglect by noticing a change in some of their characteristics.

This could include:

• Unexplained injuries or consistently poor hygiene
• Demanding or aggressive behaviour
• Being withdrawn and secretive

How do I report my concern?

Contact Knowsley’s children’s social care team on 0151 443 2600 or if you are worried about a child’s immediate safety, you should contact the police by dialling 999.

What does the local children’s social care team do to help?

They will listen to your concerns and then gather information from different sources to be able to assess the case more accurately. A social worker will then make an assessment and decide what support to provide.

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